The Local Rose: Buttery Brew ~ Lela Buttery

…Lela’s buttery brew or bulletproof coffee is causing quite the sensation, so much so that there was recently an article in Times Magazine about how this is the drink super athletes like Laird Hamilton drink in the morning. The brew is organic Handlebar coffee mixed with coconut oil and gras fed, organic butter. This helps the good fats keep the caffeine in your system over times, without having the acidic reaction to your gut…

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AKOS on the Top 10 coffee spots in Venice, California

Tucked in an alleyway on the trendy street of Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Another Kind of Sunrise is a coffee and cereal bar. The food cart turned café serves up Buttery Brew from new owner Lela Buttery. It’s is a delicious, paleo-friendly concoction of coconut oil, grass-fed, dairy-free ghee and coffee. Sourced from organic, fair-trade Santa Barbara roasters Handlebar Coffee, this coffee is the real deal. Pair your brew with the paleo granola and almond-coconut milk or the fresh baked fritatas served warm on a bed of greens. So spot on.

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Eatery: Another Kind of Sunrise Develops Menu Options

Another Kind of Sunrise, that cute nook of a breakfast, coffee, and cereal spot on Abbot Kinney, is taking a slight turn thanks to new partner Lela Buttery, according to the store’s Instagram.

A Venice local and private chef(with a great name), she’s introduced a few menu items to the menu such as a daily Frittata, gluten-free/paleo muffins (this is Venice), and a “Buttery Brew,” of coffee blended with grass-fed butter and coconut oil.

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Waking up to Buttery Brew

Living in Venice, we are spoiled with the freshest, healthiest, tastiest abundance of food choices by some of the most talented, knowledgeable and innovative chefs. And now we have Lela Buttery to add to the list – Buttery and her buttery brew. Yes, that’s her real name. And yes, butter coffee is worth a shot.

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Yallah Bye: Abbot Kinney: Another Kind of Sunrise

All cities come equipped with a beating heart. A cultural core that stimulates the genius in urbanites giving them a unique identity to stand apart from the rest of the world. Some cities, like Los Angeles, race to the tune of several hearts and it was on our way out of L.A. that we came across one such nucleus while on the hunt for breakfast in a seemingly deserted town at 9am…

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